New Overwatch 2 Hero Lifeweaver Released

New Overwatch 2 Hero Lifeweaver Released

Lifeweaver a newest Overwatch hero, having abilities that will help both the team in healing process and movement. The original trailer for Overwatch hero will be released on April 11 along with the gameplay. The new version will be free to use for a limited time.

The season 4 of Overwatch 2 will be offering brand new options for players in assisting and movements. This new Hero Niran ‘Bua’ will be based as Thai Scientist who combine nature and technology to offer new ways for healing, moving and damaging both for team and himself.

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Background of Lifeweaver

The background abilities of Lifeweaver is his speciliaties as a naturalist, brought up in wealthy background in sheltered world of Chiang Mai. Lifeweaver grew to love the natural world but as soon as he left his house he got connection with devastating world.

He developed a new technology using hard bio light along with fellow heroes. The hero determined to use his creation only for good purposes.

The recent update is depicting the idea of bio-light and new iteration of using hard light technology. Lifeweaver created it in game to heal wounds and damaged plants, he wanted his technology to be used free across the world.

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The players will be able to play lifeweaver for free but for a limited time starting from April 11, and in game addition will run until April 24. The event is also celebrated for Thai New Year. This new update will only allow the players to play as lifeweaver and can also allow to earn Cassia skin of Lifeweaver based on National flower of Thailand.

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