Naat Sharif Released by Ali Zafar

Naat Sharif Released by Ali Zafar

With the start of Ramadan, Ali Zafar released a very emotional and spiritual rendition of old Iqbal Azeem’s Naat, Fasloon ko Takkaluf, a Kalam that is very special to every Muslim. The Kalam describing every Muslims’ wish to visit Mecca and Madina.

Ali Zafar said that, he wish his attempt brings a sense of inspiration and reverence for people who listen to him during the month of Holy Ramadan. The Singer also said that those who visited Holy Kaaba will be able to relate more to the nostalgic appeal of Kalam.

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Ali Zafar penned down on his social media, “The Holy month of fasting and cleansing our mind, body and soul is here. The opportunity to connect and reconnect on a deeper level with our creator is here. I am humbled to share with you my rendition of Faslon ko Takkaluf, a naat that not just bring nostalgia but also speaks to the spiritual beauty of visiting Mecca and Madina”.

He further said that, This kalaam is close to my heart because I have been lucky enough to experience the transformative power of those Holy land firsthand. He added that, no words can explain those feelings.

The Black and White video shows Ali Zafar reciting the naat with his eyes close and picture of Mecca and Madina playing at the background.

Ramadan Ritual for Ali Zafar

Releasing a new track in the month of Ramadan is a yearly ritual for Ali Zafar. From 2021 to 2023 he released three tracks for celebrating the month of Ramadan. Starting with Balaghal ulabi Kamalihi to Maula in 2022 and now Fasloon ko Takalluf.

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Speaking about his journey, Ali Zafar told fans that, We all go though our journey and understands life uniquely. For me, it was the most beautiful experience, it created an aura with five sense and I felt spirituality in my whole life due to this soulful journey.

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