Linus Tech Tips Channel hacked by Crypto scammers

Linus Tech Tips Channel hacked by Crypto scammers

Crypto scammers hacked Linus Technology YouTube channel, hackers also shared Elon Musk Crypto ads and also deleted some of the Information from Elon Musk Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

The World of Cryptocurreny has seen amid rise from past few years but scams are also increasing with its rise. The concept of digital currency and its privacy is still not properly understandable by some investors. Recently the hackers used the fact and hacked the popular Tech YouTube channel of Linus Tech Tips.

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Spreading False Bitcoin Ads

According to the details, the scammers hacked the channel in early morning and started sharing bitcoin details of Elon Musk through livestream. The hacker also deleted some of the popular videos from channel and made the private videos public.

Other Linus media channels also got attacked by hacker and channel was immediately deleted by the owners to save the data. The channels related to Linus Tech, Techquicke and Tecklinked also got attacked by scammers.

A tweet related to hacking was also sent to official twitter page of Linus Tech, saying that fans are still able to watch the videos on ShortCircuit, as Linus Media Group channel is not hit by scammers and still safe.

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With the advancement in technology, the risk of hacking and scamming is also increasing, making it difficult for people to trust any company regarding the privacy. All the technology companies are working hardly on making secure safety measures to protect data privacy.

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