Pakistan Army attended SCO Delhi meeting

Pakistan Army attended SCO Delhi meeting

Pakistan Army senior officers attended a meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization held in New Delhi. India is the current President of SCO, the country planning to hold a lot of meetings in future. The Foreign office of Pakistan on Friday confirmed the participation of Pakistan in SCO meeting and future conferences in India.

India also invited Pakistan and other foreign ministers in upcoming meeting scheduled for April and May 2023. The spokesperson of Foreign office of Pakistan told media that there is no final decision made on participation yet but of course Pakistan cannot stay behind in such important conferences.

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Working group meeting of SCO

A Pakistani delegation from Joint Staff headquarters attended the meeting of SCO working group under all the council members of Defence of SCO. Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said that, Pakistan is an active member of SCO and will continue to engage with it.

She said that, India declined our invitation to attend the meeting of military conference on healthcare and pandemics. We have expressed our concern about this fact in SCO meeting and the point has been registered well with entire organization.

Regarding the future meeting, anything is not confirmed yet, while the delegation of Pakistan attended the 16th expert group meeting of SCO. This is the first meeting of its kind which is attended by Pakistan in person.

Earlier, Pakistan also attended Chief Justice Conferences and energy ministers conferences via video links. Islamabad is actively considering the future invitations of New Delhi and we are hoping that decision would be beneficial for Pakistani nation.

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Some close countries are also making fresh efforts for clear and peaceful communication channels between Pakistan and India. Both the countries need to leave behind the conflict and work together on mutual relationship. The matters are not proceeding forward yet due to political reasons.

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