India ranked worst in Internet shutdowns

India ranked worst in Internet shutdowns

India ranking as the 5th fastest growing successful country but freedom of speech and sharing own’s thought is still a punishable act in India. Overall 187 shutdowns from the whole world, India imposed 84 shutdowns. 49 reported from Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

According to the internet advocacy report, governments from all around the world put shutdown on internet due to increasing conflicting wars on social media, political instability, protests and high profile conflicts. Both India and Pakistan faced internet shutdowns due to different alarming situations in country.

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A total of 62 shutdowns are experienced in Sudan, Libya, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Bangladesh, Cuba and Iran. In India, most of the shutdowns were imposed because of political reasons, 49 in occupied Kashmir and 16 back to back shutdowns in other parts of country. The duration of all the shutdowns long for three days.

IIOJK internet shutdowns

The Indian government always ignored the ways to communicate and banning or shutting down of internet is also the reason of avoiding communication. Freedom fighters in Indian occupied Kashmir are trying to bring change in their era and get free from Indian army.

Authorities in Indian occupied Kashmir are only trying to oppress the masses by banning the service of internet in the state. World needs to hear and see about the violation of human rights going on in Kashmir. But shutting down the internet plays great role in cutting the only communication between Kashmir and world.

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Ukraine is ranked second on the list in shutting down of internet access. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine War is the main reason behind the banning of internet in country. Pakistan faced only one internet shutdown in 2022. The disruption lasted for two hours due to impacted traffic from Lahore and Karachi.

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