World stands with Kashmir

World stands with Kashmir

The whole world expressed solidarity to Kashmiri people and supported their struggle to get freedom from Indian forces. People from different nationalities came out on roads and participated in rallies to show their support for Kashmiri people. Different embassies and missionaries organized seminars and events to highlight the ongoing current cruelty of Indian forces on Kashmiri people.

The Pakistani high commissioner in Canada arranged a series of events in Toronto, a roadshow to mark solidarity, pictorial exhibition was also held showing ongoing injustice in Kashmir. People of Kashmir are killed, girls were raped and many more are under arrest without any sin. This cruelty is against the human law and violation of rights of people who just want freedom.

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UN resolutions for Kashmir

The Pakistani high commissioner to Canada, Zaheer Janjua said that UN resolutions are huge in this conflict but India always rejected the fair efforts of everyone. He said that India’s ruling Bharti Janta party is implementing Hindu agenda in Kashmir by assaulting Kashmiri people.

People of Tokyo also organized an event to pay tribute to martyrs of Kashmir and sacrifices of people living in Kashmir. The people of Tokyo also hold placards and banners in support of Kashmiri people.  The protests were held in front of Indian embassy in Tokyo.

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The embassy of Pakistan in Kabul also organized the event on solidarity day. The event was attended by Pakistani nationals as well as embassy members. All the members showed their support for people of Kashmir. Muhammad Junaid Wazir stated that 75 years ago Indian forces illegally occupied Kashmir. The people there are still looking towards international community for justice.

The whole world should take stand and speak for rights of Kashmiri people. This conflict needs to be solved in this era when protecting human rights is the top motto of every country.

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