Will Zainab Abbas work in IPL?

Will Zainab Abbas work in IPL?

Zainab Abbas in her recent interview said that she is willing to work in Indian Premier league (IPL) if she ever gets the opportunity. Zainab Abbas is currently working in Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 8. She said that Politics should not come in between the relationship of India and Pakistan.

She added that sports is the best idea to practice good relations between both the countries. It bridge the gap between people of both nations. She is considered as one of finest presenter in the world cricket right now.

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She further said that we are neighbours but only intercat in global sports like ICC tournaments or Asia Cups, we need to keep politics aside and there should not be any hindrance in global events like Cricket. We need to cooperate more in this field with each other.

Working in IPL

In response to a question about IPL, she said that it would be a great opportunity to work there. The world class presenter added that she would work if she gets any opportunity in Indian Premiere League (IPL)

She said that there should not be any space for hate and negativity, the work relations between both the countries should be resume. India should come here to play and we go there to participate in matches. Zainab already has worked in many ICC tournaments as presenter.

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Pakistan players participated in IPL only in its first season in 2008, after that India did not invited any of the player from Pakistan. Both the countries only played ICC tournaments and Asia Cup. It is known to the world that Pakistan and India always adds colors to the tournaments because of their historical matches but they need to play in hometowns also to bring best cricket.

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