Marriage contracts incomplete in Pakistan

Marriage contracts incomplete in Pakistan

The National Commission for Human Rights and Musawi, an organization for protecting women rights researched on marriage contracts registered in Punjab. According to the research, the high percentage of marriage contracts are incomplete.

Total of 60% Nikhanamas are registered from 2016-2022 from which 48% of Nikahnamas were without the Bride’s CNIC. Only 8% of Nikhanamas were having the right of monthly allowance. 75% of the Nikhanamas were marked the girl’s age between 16-18.

The inter-provincial group meeting was held on protecting women rights. The meeting official discussed legislation and implementation of framework for protecting women rights. The meeting was held to identify the problems in women marriages problems.

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Incomplete Nikkah contracts

51 % of Nikah contracts did not contained any special conditions and did not have any rights for brides. NCHR Chairperson Rabiya Javeri Agha highlighted the importance of laws for protecting the rights of children in Pakistan. CEO of Musawi stressed that a multi-stakeholder collaboration is needed for protecting the rights on high level.

The committee discussed the vision of creating systematic improvement in all over the country and improve the laws in all the provinces. Attendees of the committee suggested a lot of ideas for marriage laws. There should be proper force to check upon the implementation of laws and give several punishments on breaking laws.

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The members of provincial assembly, civil society and government should work more for relevant field and look over on protecting children rights.

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