Man sued Women for friend-zoning him

Man sued Women for friend-zoning him

A Singaporean man sued a case against girl complaining that she friend-zoned him, and this news just broke his heart and destroyed his peace. The man K Kawshigan sued the girl to pay &3 million for mental damage.

He said that they met in 2016 and over time they developed a close friendship with each other. Kawshigan experienced the feeling of love towards her and no matter the time she never thought of him more than a friend. Kawshigan expressed his feelings for the girl named Nora Tan but she doesn’t showed any interest. After which the man shared with her that he is mentally not okay and want to go for a therapist.

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Listening to it, Tan went with him to go to counselling. The girl also admitted that she experienced real discomfort with his friend after he confessed his feelings. Kawshigan also threatened her personal and professional life by saying that she should date him.

After more than a year passed Kawshigan sued a case against her complaining that she is causing him to suffer with depression, trauma and anxiety. He also filed case of harming his brilliant reputation in society.

Trauma case on girl

He requested court to sue her with &3 million fine on just seeing him as friend. After investigating all the medical reports of man, it is found out that he was experiencing traumatic disorder but suing a girl just because she does not have any feeling for him is totally unacceptable.

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The colleagues and friends of Nora Tan also reported that Kawshigan threatened her by using her personal and professional life details.

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