No settlement allowed between families in rape cases

No settlement allowed between families in rape cases

The session court of Karachi made a ruling in which there will be no settlement allowed out of the court between families involved in any rape case. The court ordered that there will not be any settlement out of the court and court will take strict action against culprits.

The court made this ruling after a settlement between families of 24 year old rape victim. Additional judge Zabiha Khattak made these observation in the court saying that court will not allow any out of court settlement.

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The judge sentenced Fareed Ahmad to 10 years in prison after finding him guilty of sexually assaulting a 24 year old girl. The family of victims settled the case with culprit family outside the court which the judge rejected.

Settlement rejected

The victims‘ father rejected the affidavit submitted, explaining that he had no objection on freedom of culprit but the judge rejected it that there is no law of freedom in case of rape. According to the statement of victim family, the girl left the house with her own free will and joined the man.

The judge wondered on the justification that why girl mentioned this all detail in column of Mark of violence. A case is registered under section of 365-B, kidnapping someone with intention to commit zinna and punishment of rape.

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The complaint was registered by victims’ father but right after two hearings he claimed that we had settlements with family and we want to close the case. Judge did not allowed the settlement and ordered the authorities to investigate further in order to fulfill the justice in society.

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