Underage Marriages in Pakistan

Underage Marriages in Pakistan

Pakistan has always been in international news regarding the issue of Underage marriages. It is not only practised in some uneducated parts of Pakistan but organised and educated cities also practise this unauthentic norm. A greater number of girls get married to people triple of their age every year.

This practise of child marriages is also a result of gender inequality and patriarchal practises in Pakistan. More than 120 cases of underage marriages were reported in 2020, in which 5% were boys and 95% were girls. Child marriage is a serious threat to lives of children, it took away their childhood, right to education and right to live.

Some of non governmental organizations are working against this crime but a strict law implementation from government should be needed in this regard.

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The recent case of Dua Zahra Nikah with Zaheer is also a result of childhood marriage. In this case a gang kidnapped a minor girl and forcefully married her with a gang member. After continues hard work from her father and lawyer the girl finally returned to her home.

UNICEF Report on child marriages

According to a report by UNICEF, 21 % of Pakistani girls are married by the age of 18 and 3 % get married at the age of 15. And these early age marriages result in serious issues in families.

Pakistan government should aware the public and make sure the rights of girls who are underage should be protected. The right of education, the right of childhood, the right of her personal concern in marriage, all these rights should be protected.

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All the Nikkah Khawan should be obliged on rule that they are not allowed for Nikah if the girl or boy is underage, without checking CNIC, they will not help the family in any concern of marriage.

A nationwide campaign by NGOs and human rights activists can also help in creating awareness against underage marriages in Pakistan

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