Imran Khan’s Lawyer Asks Election Commission to Drop Contempt Case Amid Security Concerns

imran khan's lawyer asks election commission to drop contempt case

imran khan’s lawyer asks election commission to drop contempt case

Imran Khan’s lawyer is asking the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to drop the case of contempt against his client. Imran Khan, the former leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, got removed from his position through a vote of no confidence in April last year. He’s in trouble because he’s accused of speaking disrespectfully about the election commission and its chief during his media appearances.

Last week, the ECP said they would charge him with contempt and ordered the police to bring him to the commission. But the Interior Ministry and Islamabad police say this is too risky for security.

Imran Khan is currently in Adiala jail and he’s facing trial under the Official Secrets Act. Because of the security threats, a special court inside the jail is handling his case.

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Today, a four-member ECP panel was discussing this case. The police said it’s not safe to bring Imran to the ECP, and the Interior Ministry agreed, citing security threats.

Imran’s lawyer, Shoaib Shaheen, requested the ECP to drop the contempt case. He promised that Imran would not criticize the election commission in the future. A member of the commission asked for a written apology from Imran.

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Shoaib Shaheen said he would talk to Imran about this and asked the commission to delay the hearing until after the upcoming elections.

The ECP was not happy about the suggestion of holding the hearing in the jail, so they call the Interior Ministry secretary and decided to continue the case on November 13.

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