Nawaz Sharif’s Return and Its Impact: Public Opinion

nawaz sharif return and its impact a snapshot of public opinion

nawaz sharif return and its impact a snapshot of public opinion

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s return to Pakistan after four years in London has had a big impact on his Political party the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). A quick poll by Gallup Pakistan showed Some interesting Results:

75% of adults in Pakistan knew about Nawaz Sharif’s return. Around 40 million people across the country heard his speech at Minar-e-Pakistan. 80% of those who heard his Speech liked it, 12% didn’t, and 7% were unsure.

Half of the People thought his return was good for Pakistan 14% believed it was bad and 18% felt it wouldn’t make a Difference. The rest didn’t say.

More than half (51%) thought that Nawaz Sharif’s return would help his Party PML-N, win the next Elections. 26% thought it would Hurt the Party or make no Difference while 22% were unsure.

A Big majority (70%) wanted Nawaz Sharif to work together with other Political Leaders including Imran Khan, rather than Fighting with them.

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Nearly 40% Believed there was Some kind of Deal that Brought Nawaz Sharif back to Pakistan. 34% were unsure, and 27% Disagreed with this idea.

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When asked who could best fix the Country’s economic problems 30% said Nawaz Sharif 22% thought it was Imran Khan and 30% Believed no leader could do it Effectively. Only 4% mentioned Bilawal Bhutto.

These Results show that Nawaz Sharif’s Return has made a Big impact on Pakistan’s Political Scene and many people believe he can help the country and his party in the future. It’s clear that his return has sparked a lot of interest and Opinions across Pakistan.

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