Imran Claims Dialogue Underway With ‘Establishment’

Imran Khan

Nation’s Political Crisis

Imran Khan declared on Sunday that talks with the power corridors were underway to resolve the nation’s political crisis, which has existed since the PTI administration was overthrown in April by a no-confidence vote. 

The comments were made in response to a statement made by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who claimed that the government had rejected Imran Khan’s offer to reach an agreement about the choice of the new army leader following General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s retirement in November.

The government turned down the offer because, according to the prime minister in response to a question on Saturday night, it was the “prerogative of the prime minister to make such an appointment in light of the Constitution.” 

Sadaf Naeem’s Death

After a reporter named Sadaf Naeem fell off the container and was crushed to death, the PTI chairman resumed his march from Murdike in the morning and stopped it near Sadhoki. A “shocked” Khan exited the container after learning of her passing, stopping the journey before it reached its destination in Sadhoki. 

A police officer named Liaqat Ali passed away from a heart arrest on Sunday while performing marching duty close to Muridke. He was a Sheikhupura police officer. 

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Imran’s Criticism on Shehbaz Shariff

The ex-premier attacked the current PM in his address from the top of the container and called him a “boot-polisher” for allegedly being close to the establishment. 

The PTI chairman declared in a speech to the marchers that he has not sent PM Sharif a proposal for discussions. 

The PTI chairman joked, “What [authority] do you have that I approach you for conversations.” Regarding suspected meetings between Mr. Sharif and the establishment, Mr. Khan remarked, “I have spoken to and am continuing talking to them, whom you used to visit for talks in the boot of your vehicle.” 

Strict Application of Law

The PTI chairman claimed that his one and only demands were fresh elections and the strict application of the law. 

He criticised the Indian media for highlighting his criticism of the ruling class. The PTI chairman claimed that he merely criticised a few individuals for improper behaviour rather than the army as a whole. He said that his criticism was beneficial for both the army and the nation.

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