IMPORTANT: WhatsApp can delete your group by itself

IMPORTANT: WhatsApp can delete your group by itself

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It has recently come to light that WhatsApp can delete chat groups and clear their chat history – all by itself.

According to an article on, WhatsApp can and does delete groups in a few instances.

So if you thought that WhatsApp could not delete your groups and clear their chat history, you must think again.

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WhatsApp automatically deletes groups when the group either has malicious information (illegal descriptions and suspicious names), or they are reported by different users multiple times.

Given the fact that WhatsApp does see their content – messages, calls, and media are end-to-end encrypted – the information moderation team uses a machine learning technology, which is based on pre-recorded bad group information.

If the patterns are alike, the group may either be automatically deleted or manually.

When a group is ended, its participants will not be able to send messages or access its chat history.

Furthermore, the group termination will also ban them from accessing the group information and seeing the list of other participants.

However, it is also important to remember that not all is lost if WhatsApp deletes your group.

The platform allows users to get in touch with their customer support within the ended group to request to have their group restored.

For general masses, it is essential to keep a careful eye on what groups you’re added in. If you see a shady/suspicious group, you should immediately report it and leave it. It is because WhatsApp may ban people from using their service forever in case of constant violations.

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