Gohar Mumtaz, Asim Azhar corrected Amitabh Bachan

Gohar Mumtaz, Asim Azhar corrected Amitabh Bachan

Amitabh Bachchan, the legend of Bollywood recently posted a video of young kid showcasing the extraordinary cricket skills. The legendary actor praised the skills of young boy saying, “The future of Indian Cricket is in safe hands”.

However, later it was found out that the boy was from Pakistan. This incident also served as a reminder that talent knows no borders. Indian and Pakistani artists always praise and appreciate the talents when it comes to art and culture.

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The video of young boy was originally shared on Instagram by a user named Raza Mazhar, who proudly displays his Pakistani heritage in his bio, mentioning that boy is from Sindh, Pakistan.

Asim Azhar & Gohar Mumtaz

Noting the mistake from neighbouring country legend, Musician and singer Asim Azhar and Gohar Mumtaz stepped into comments and provide clarification to Bachchan on Instagram.

Gohar Mumtaz expressed his concern saying the talented boy featured in video is indeed from Pakistan. He also pointed the importance of promoting bilateral cricket matches between the two nations.

Mumtaz Wrote humbly, “Sir, this kid is from Pakistan. Saw this a while ago through a Pakistani page with his ID, but the future of cricket is in our hands if we agree to play in each other’s country InshaAllah. By the way, greatest fan of yours”.

Asim Azhar also wrote, “Dear Sir, huge fan from Pakistan, and like my friend mentioned, this kid is from Pakistan but you are definitely right on the part where the future is in safe hands for both the sides if we bring back the old days soon where we get to see both stars play on both sides”.

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Cricket is sport that is cherished by millions of people in India and Pakistan, and has the power to unite rather than divide. Well, let’s see if upcoming Asia cup is going to unite India Pakistan or not.

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