‘Guardians of Galaxy 3’ Box Office Power

'Guardians of Galaxy 3' Box Office Power

‘Guardians of Galaxy Vol 3’ is no doubt a success having $118 million at the domestic box office only and second-biggest debut of year, but still not fully on expectations.

The movie earned a good reaction and powerful box office collection but it is considered as third and final installment of James Gunn direction Marvel Trilogy then the collection is somehow low about the opening weekend.

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Film is opened to market with start of above $100 million yet the analysts were expecting much higher and stronger response from Volume 3 as it is the last of Marvel’s legacy tentpoles.

Volume 3 is sequel of Guardians of Galaxy 2, which earned $146 million on its debut. The downturn is not a problem as long as audiences keep showing up but the start was not according to the expectations.

Pandemic-era suffering

The issue with volume 2 was because of pandemic-era films as all the films in cinema suffered from a momentum problem at the box office, recent installments started strong after the pandemic.

Ant-Man and Wasp scored a trilogy best debut by earning $106 million at its opening, 70% in its second weekend, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, 67% in the second weekend and Thor, 67.7% in the second weekend.

The situation already existing is alarming for Guardians to suffer the same fate and put MCU in struggling phase as the franchise is trying to maintain it’s status in an A-list franchise.

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The Guardians of Galaxy Volume 3 is however generating good response from fans and audience is enjoying it, may be in coming weeks it would come among highest grossing movies of year but start was not that much good.

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