Money back Guarantee Film Review

Money back Guarantee Film Review

Pakistani film industry is getting back on its knees with a lot of films. This Eid ul Fitr Money Back Guarantee film is released in cinemas around the world. The film is directed and produced by ace actor and comedian Faisal Qureshi.

The cast of film includes Fawad Khan, Wasim Akram, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ayesha Omar, Mani and many other famous names. The trailer and teaser raised the expectations of viewers and they wanted to see Fawad Khan back on big screen.

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On the very first day of eid, a lot of dedicated fans rushed to cinema houses to see Fawad Khan’s brilliant performance on screen. After the film, some of the fans liked it but more are not satisfied with the story and performances.

Some of the fans are also criticizing the execution of film. Social media is full of different comments of fans criticizing the actors and the whole film on their bad experience.

Some of the social media users said that, they didn’t expect Fawad Khan to sign this film. They wrote that it’s useless and total wastage of money and time. Another user wrote on instagram that, “Fawad tbh ! it was not the character you should have signed for”.

Ruining Eid with such Movie

Some of the fans recommended other fans to save their Eid and money by not watching this film. Others showed their love with Fawad Khan and advised him to not go for such movies to maintain his charm which he earned from a long time.

One of the fans said that, “Eid is ruined by watching such money wasting film”. One should claim their money back to watch such a loser movie. One of the fan of Fawad Khan said, “Please save the fate of Fawad Khan by not watching this movie”.

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Overall fans were not happy with the story line and execution of film. They just went after watching trailer and some went for their favorite Fawad Khan but most of them returned hopeless without any enjoyment.

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