Sidi Mouaz Al Nass passed away

Sidi Mouaz Al Nass passed away

Sidi Mouaz Al Nass passed away in Houston after spending a week in hospital due to critical condition. The death of Sidi Mouaz Al Nass left the community in mourning as they all loved him so much.

He was a good person who always helped people and provide every effort to help people in disasters. He was brought to hospital in critical condition last week as reported by a facebook post updated by his friend.

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Who was Sidi Mouaz Al Nass ?

Sidi Mouaz Al Nass was born in Syria, raised up in Jeddah, he received his education in Tajwid, fiqh from his father Dr Samir Al Nass an outstanding Islamic scholar from Syria. Sidi Mouaz Al Nass got his Master’s degree in Inshad and Maqamat.

He completed his graduation degree in Management Information Systems from Syrian Education Institute. He also participated in many musical concerts in USA, UK, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Sidi Mouaz Al Nass and his father Dr Samir Al Nass is loved by a lot of people. His father is a well known scholar from Damascus who received medical degrees in Syria and United States.

Sidi Mouaz Al Nass was also a traditional scholar who dedicated his life in learning Islamic science from famous personalities in Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. He also conducted educational programs in North America and England.

People are in a lot of grief and sadness after hearing the news of his death. Fans from all around the world are paying tribute to him and sending prayers for family. Many people are also curious to know the actual cause of his death.

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When people heard the news of his death they all are feeling broke as they loved him so much and he was a very good and kind hearted person who helped everyone.

The actual reason behind his critical condition is not revealed yet but fans are curious to know the reason behind his sudden death.

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