$200m on Queen Elizabeth Funeral

$200m on Queen Elizabeth Funeral

The Funeral events honoring Queen Elizabeth II, which took place during National mourning cost an estimated amount of $200 million to British government, the state funeral was help on September, 19 last year.

During this period, hundreds of thousands of people visited Westminster to pay their respects as she lay in state.

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£57 million on Media and Sport

The Department of Culture, Media and sport spent £57 million on Media and Sport during Queen Elizabeth funeral events, followed by Home Office accounted department for highest expenditure of £74 million.

The cost encompassed various aspects of funeral, including Queen’s lying in state as well as other related events during it.

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The Chief Secretary of Treasury said that, the Primary focus of government is to ensure the smooth execution of events during this time, and maintaining an appropriate level of dignity while prioritizing public safety and security.

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