Kate Middleton should be the Queen

Kate Middleton should be the Queen

Andrew Tate, a British-American influencer who is converted to Islam and recently released from jail shared his thoughts about the Coronation of King Charles III, saying ‘Let Kate Middleton be Queen’.

The 36-year-old had also shared a meme of his face superimposed over the body of Charles during the monarch-making Ceremony. The influencer is famous for taking part in controversial issue from around the world.

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He became notorious for ecpressing misogynistic sentiments online, clarified that he was just joking and that they should instead make Kate Middleton the de facto leader of England.

Queen Vibes from Kate Middleton

‘On a serious note I respect that monarchy I just wanna skip the king and let Kate be queen she has Ice Cold G vibes”, declared Tate. He took a veiled-jibe at King Charles, saying he wants Kate to be Queen of England.

The tweet comes a month after Tate and his brother were released from prison in Romania. He is also placed under arrest, and investigation is going on over his alleged involvement in trafficking and crimes.

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Andrew Tate also mentioned about Imran Khan arrest in his recent tweet saying, “All the good men goes to Jail”. After the release of Imran Khan, he also praised the Judicial system of Pakistan.

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