Most Streamed Spotify Artist in Pakistan

Most Streamed Spotify Artist

Well Known Audio Platform

A recent rating that was released by the well-known audio platform Spotify has proven beyond any reasonable question that Pakistani heartthrob singer Atif Aslam continues to dominate the hearts of music listeners all over the world.

According to a press statement issued by the music streaming site, this year’s Spotify Wrapped is a celebration of the last calendar year.

Most Popular Pakistani Musician

The Doorian singer has been recognized as the most popular Pakistani musician on streaming services, and he is followed by Talha Anjum, who continues to be the audience’ top choice.

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In addition to the seasoned vocalist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the artists Talha Yunus, Young Stunners, and Asim Azhar may be found among the top 10 most streamed musicians.

Ali Seth, Abdul Hanna, and Hasan Raheem

Ali Seth, Abdul Hanna, and Hasan Raheem all made it onto the Top 10 list because to Pasoori, which is continuing to make waves in the industry.

While this is going on, Arijit Singh is the listeners’ favorite artist in Pakistan, and AP Dhillon is the most streamed artist in Pakistan this year. Meanwhile, AP Dhillon is in the driver’s seat for most-streamed musicians in Pakistan.

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