Spotify Premium Free For Three Months For New Subscribers

Spotify Premium Free For Three Months For New Subscribers

Spotify Premium For Free

If you’ve ever wanted to sample Spotify Premium for free, now is the opportunity. For new individual and student users, Spotify is providing three months of free Spotify Premium. However, family subscribers and Spotify Duo customers will only receive one free month. 

The deal does not apply to people who have previously used Premium, but those who cancelled their subscription before July 15 have the opportunity to renew their package for a low price – $9.99 for three months of Spotify Premium. 

Advantage of the Promotion

Subscribers who take advantage of the promotion will continue to pay standard fees for their bundles when the three-month period is finished. The new promotion is only available till September 11th.

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The new deal could help Spotify increase its user base as the firm slows hiring due to economic worries. The app will also face more competition from rival companies. Tiktok is purportedly developing a music streaming service, while Winamp is also making a comeback. 

Spotify’s Subscribers Increased

Spotify’s subscribers increased by 6 million in the second quarter of 2022 to 188 million. Total app users climbed to 433 million in the same time, up from 422 million in Q1. 

Spotify has also been developing new features in order to keep its customer base. The app added a dedicated shuffle and play button for premium members, as well as a new homepage design that divides podcasts and music to help you discover the material you’re looking for. However, there has been no indication of Spotify HiFi, the lossless streaming option that the firm promised would be available last year.

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