Gas Load Shedding in Karachi

Gas Load Shedding in Karachi

The Sui Southern Gas Company planned the gas load management during Ramadan, the citizens are still waiting for final announcement that whether the old load shedding hours of sui gas will continue in Holy month or not.

Currently Sui Southern Gas Company limited is managing the Load shedding hours from 11 pm till 7 am in the morning which is causing huge problems for citizens of Karachi. According to the details Sui Southern Gas Company is only in position of providing gas for two to three hours other than Sehar and Iftar timings.

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To finalise the timing schedule for Sehar and Iftar gas supply in Ramadan a meeting was being called by Sui Southern Gas Company limited at its head office. According to the meeting details, the company has not yet finalised the timings of gas supply.

Worst Gas Load Shedding in Karachi

Karachi has been experiencing worst shortage of gas supply since last year. Earlier the Sui Southern Gas Company announced that it would supply full pressure gas thrice a day during meal times.

The people of Karachi lived without supply of gas for 16 hours in a day. The Gas company faced a lot of criticism as well as complaints as they were not even providing the gas supply for lunch timings 12 pm to 2 pm which was promised.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef also issued a directive to Sui Southern Gas Company to ensure the supply of gas in Ramadan especially in Sehar and Iftar hours. He directed the company to provide uninterrupted supply of gas.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef also directed the Power supply company to provide power during Holy month of Ramadan. Minister of Power Khurram Dastgir also directed the power supply firms to guarantee the continuous power during Sehar and Iftar to make it easy for citizens.

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However, Karachi is still facing severe gas shortage in many areas facing difficulty in preparing for Sehar and Iftar. Citizens are in huge problem as food items from market are already very expensive and houses are out of gas supply. This fact is creating severe issues for people of Karachi in month of Allah Almighty.

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