Aiman Minal in Hot water by Ex Staff Members

Aiman Minal in Hot water by Ex Staff Members

The current criticism that Twin sisters of Pakistani Entertainment industry, Aiman Minal are facing is related to their own fashion brand ‘Aiman Minal Closet’. Their ex-employees posted about the rude behavior and not giving enough wages.

The name of employee is kept hidden but he wrote about the trauma in a message while working with Aiman Minal Close. The post gone popular on social media and people started giving different reviews about it.

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The Employee also claimed about imitating other fashion designers and sale of badly constructed clothing. He said that they are not putting any efforts in brand other than copying others’ stuff. They are also charged with holding wages and treating their workers like slaves.

Mistreatment and due Payments

The ex-employee added that Aiman Minal misbehaves with all the workers and his six months salary is still due. They always treated the workers like slaves. Several individuals on internet showed their sympathy with the employee.

Some of the netizens also criticized the ex-employee and asked to not claim anything without proof. They stood with celebrities and supported the twin sisters talking about their kind behaviour with fans.

Showbiz stars Aiman and Minal are not only good in acting but also in business field from very young age. However now they are facing huge criticism due to their rude behaviours. The well-known sisters team have their own personal clothing brand AnM closet offering huge selection of fashionable attires.

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After the rumor spread many media stars and fellows actors contacted Aiman Minal and asked about it while both the sisters did not talked about anything related to ex-employees’ claim.

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