Forced conversion clear ‘violation of Allah’s commands’, says Imran

Forced conversion clear ‘violation of Allah’s commands’, says Imran

Forced conversions of non-Muslims

Forced conversions of non-Muslims, according to former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan, are against Islam and a “violation of Allah’s laws.” 

The former prime minister decried the forced conversions of Hindu girls to Islam in Sindh while speaking at a minority convention. 

“According to an ayat (verse) in the Holy Quran, there is no coercion in Islam. This is a commandment from Allah. Whoever converts a non-Muslim by force is violating Allah.” 

People joining the Islamic fold

He went on to say that Allah even told the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to merely “preach His word” and not worry about people joining the Islamic fold because that was not his responsibility. 

While there was a lot of hatred in the world based on color and religion, Mr Khan stated that Islam did not believe in it. 

“Once a person begins to practise Islam, he becomes a blessing for all humanity,” Mr Khan said, adding that Islam emphasises fairness and equality. 

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He used the case of two caliphs who were summoned by the courts as an illustration. 

“A Jew brought the lawsuit against Hazrat Ali, but despite being the caliph, he lost the case because the qazi [judge] refused to accept his [Hazrat Ali’s] son’s testimony.” 

The murder of four Muslim men in the US state

He stated that Islam emphasises justice, which is why he named the party ‘Insaf ki tehreek’ 26 years ago (Movement for justice). Mr Khan also brought up the murder of four Muslim men in the US state of New Mexico, stating that it was the result of Islamophobia. 

According to media accounts, Albuquerque police detained the prime suspect, who was also a Muslim and had feuded with the deceased men over ‘personal animus.’ 

Mr Khan also asked people to attend a public gathering on the eve of Independence Day on August 13 at Lahore’s National Hockey Stadium.

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