FO Rejects India’s Inquiry Into Missile Firing Into Pakistan

FO Rejects India's Inquiry Into Missile Firing Into Pakistan

Pakistan Dismissed India’s “Purported Closure”

On Wednesday, Pakistan dismissed India’s “purported closure” of the investigation into the unintentional launch of a supersonic missile into its territory on March 9, 2022, and reiterated its desire for a joint investigation. 

The Indian Air Force announced yesterday that three of the officers involved in the incident had been fired by the government. 

Three officers’ violation from the Standard Operating Procedures resulted in the missile being accidentally fired, according to a court of inquiry that was established to determine the facts of the case and assign blame for the occurrence. 

Russian-Indian Land-Attack

After the BrahMos missile, a joint Russian-Indian land-attack cruise missile with nuclear capability, was launched earlier this year, Pakistan asked New Delhi what safeguards were in place to prevent unintentional launches. 

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Foreign Officer (FO) spokesperson Asim Iftikhar Ahmad said in a statement that the organisation has observed India’s announcement of the incident’s results and the decision to terminate the employment of three officers who were apparently determined to be accountable for the careless occurrence. 

As can be predicted, India’s response to the tragedy, as well as the conclusions and sanctions imposed by the so-called internal Court of Inquiry, were wholly insufficient, flawed, and insufficient. 

Command And Control System

The spokesperson asserted that India had dodged questions from Pakistan regarding the command and control system in place in India, the safety and security procedures, and the reason for its delayed admission of the Missile launch in addition to failing to respond to Pakistan’s request for a joint investigation. 

He argued that if the neighbouring country had nothing to hide, it should accept Pakistan’s demand for a joint investigation in the “spirit of transparency” because “systemic loopholes and technical lapses of serious nature in the handling of strategic weapons cannot be covered up beneath the veneer of individual human error.” 

The FO spokesman referred to India’s response to the shooting on March 9 as “imprudent,” noting that it had put the entire region’s security and stability at risk.

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