Best Summer spots in Pakistan

Best Summer spots in Pakistan

Pakistan is the land of beauty offering a lot of soulful places with lush forests, high mountains and magnificent waterfalls. Every part of Pakistan has unique sense of attraction capturing attention of many people. The beauty of Pakistan is just cannot be justified with pictures and videos until a person visits it by self.

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There are a lot of places in Pakistan specified for different seasons. Here we have a list of places to visit in the Summer season for experiencing the hot summer season in beautiful weather and views.

Ayun Valley

It is a village located in area of Chitral, twelve kilometers from city of Bumburet. The beauty of this place is just heartwarming and cannot be justified by just words. The valley is surrounded by high mountains around lush green fields making the view eye catching.

Gojal Valley

Near China Afghanistan border, the valley residing in era of Gilgit Baltistan District. The Valley is known for fast following rivers and various small villages with different cultures make the valley more attractive to tourists. The mesmerizing mountains and green fields surrounding the fresh and clean water of rivers just stop every tourist to visit the place and appreciate its beauty.

Neelam Valley

The valley located in Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and famous valley of Pakistan due to its weather and beautiful views. The lush greenery, lakes, springs, rivers and high sloped mountain with the best weather conditions in summer makes the valley most visiting spot in Pakistan.

Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley is also one of the major tourist attraction in Pakistan during summers. The historical background of Greek civilization and its cultural values make it more attractive and happy place for tourists. A lot of cultural festivals are held in summers in Kalash valley making it the best tourist destination of Pakistan.

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Hushe Valley

Hushe Valley is also known as the “Heaven of Mountains” due to its high mountains surrounding green fields. It is the most famous trekking place of Pakistan inviting tourists for hiking from all around the world. Mountain climbers from all around the world especially USA came to reach the top of these mountains in Hushe valley.

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