Why Gwadar is famous?

Why Gwadar is famous?

Gwadar has its extensive blue coastal line, with elegant beaches and eye catching bays that carries significant role in socio economic, political and strategic importance in terms of market. It is actually located in Mekran division not far from Chabahr port. Located in Pakistani province Baluchistan.

It shares border with Arabian sea that increases its importance to no ends. Straits of Hormuz’ is the leading way of oil supply from OPEC to the globe.

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Resultantly, it tremendously aids in better logistic activities from transportation, import and export, and most importantly it links regional countries to the world.

Capacity and Market Demand of Gwadar

It has expansive capacity of four container berths with 3.2 km shoreline and 1 bulk cargo terminal. Currently Gwadar has two ports that are operational named as Karachi port and Port Qasim. It is to be announced that in coming years it’s capacity will be extended to meet the market demands.

Development if third port is really important otherwise it can give Pakistan a major dent in terms of meeting emerging market demands.

It as 200 metre long conventional berths and 45 m diameter turning basin that is extended to 12.5 meters it includes significant equipment’s like tug boats, survey vessels and pilot boats.

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As Pakistan, is facing crucial economic conditions working upon export and import and implementation of functional strategies can really help Pakistan in strengthening economic development and could create a new room for market that will help prosper Pakistan. It will also result in creating work space and jobs, in which Pakistan is lacking devastatingly.

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