Huqooq e Balochistan Tehreek started by JI

Huqooq e Balochistan Tehreek started by JI

The Chief of Jamat e Islami, Siraj ul Haq announced the Balochistan Rights Movement as “Huqooq e Balochistan Tehreek” to talk about the rights of citizens of Balochistan and all the unjust doings happening in province.

The movement is started when elections are close and people are wandering for the right person to vote for. Jamat e Islami started this movement to ask provincial government about the injustice happening in the province.

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Oppression of People

During the announcement, Jamat e Islami Chied Siraj ul Haq lambasted the provincial government for opressing the people, saying that laws and regulations should be properly implemented in the province.

He also talked about the agreement in connection with Gwadar Rights, asking for proper implantation of agreement without any delay.

Siraj Ul Haq mentioned that steps were taken for prosperity of Gwadar citizens after their sit-in but it only lasted for two months. The rulers are only trying to conquer their own people. He also asked about the whereabouts of Rs 70 billion announced for flood victims.

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It is important to mention here that people of Gwadar protested last year to get their rights and demanded a reduction in number of check posts, end to deep-sea fish traveling in sea and easier border trade next to Gwadar.

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