Rs 50 coin issued by State Bank

Rs 50 coin issued by State Bank

Celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Senate of Pakistan and Upper House of Parliament of Pakistan, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued Rs 50 coin. The Year 2023 is marked as golden jubilee of Senate and Federal government.

On the occasion of Golden Jubilee of Senate and Federal Government, Central Bank issued Rs 50 coin and released a statement saying, “The Senate of Pakistan is the upper legislative chamber of the bicameral parliament having equal representatives from all provinces of Pakistan and it is constitutionally a permanent house, symbolizing a process of continuity in National affairs”.

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Coin specifications

The coin is issued by State Bank of Pakistan through the exchange counters of all field offices. The round shape coin is milled with a dimension of 30mm having cupro-nickel metal content with 75% copper and 25% nickel weight 13.5 grams.

The face of the coin us waxed with crescent moon and five pointed star facing north west in center, while the words “Islami Jamhuria Pakistan” are inscribed in Urdu Script. Below the crescent, there is the year of issuance 2023 and face value of coin is ’50’.

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The center of reverse side showing the insignia of Senate of Pakistan with artistic numerical wording of 50 on right side. At the top of insignia, the wording ‘Pakistan Senate Golden Jubilee’ is scripted in Urdu. The Duration of golden jubilee (1973-2023) is also written on the coin.

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