25 textile companies contribute 21pc to $25bn exports

25 textile companies contribute 21pc to $25bn exports

The top 25 textile companies have contributed over $5.361 billion, or 21 per cent, to Pakistan’s overall exports of $25bn in 2020-21.

APTMA (North Zone) Chairman Abdul Rahim Nasir said, “It is a matter of great delight that the exports of the textile sector soared by 19.23pc to $15.5bn in 2020-21 compared to $13bn in the previous year and it is really unprecedented”.

He said keeping in view the fast expansion in the textile exports owing to increasing investments, the APTMA has decided to take all those export companies making $40m to 50m per annum to attain the figure of $100m each.

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“If we are successful in doing so, our textile exports alone will jump from $15.5bn to $25bn in the next couple of years,” he added.

He also said that the outstanding export performance of the textile sector is a good omen for the country’s economy.

As per the list shared by trade bodies, this is how much the following companies contributed to the exports:

Style Textile (Pvt) Ltd: $428.76 million

Interloop Ltd: $331.54m

Artistic Milliners (Pvt) Ltd: $329.63m

Yunus Textile Mills Ltd: $311.92m

Nishat Mills Ltd: $307.32m

Gul Ahmad Textile Mills Ltd: $284.25m

Feroze 1888 Mills Ltd: $273.04m

Soorty Enterprises Ltd: $268.14m

Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (Pvt) Ltd: $226.42m

Liberty Mills: $216.33m

Masood Textile Mills Ltd: $213.05m

Sadaqat Ltd: $209.22m

US Apparel & Textiles Ltd: $197.50m

Al-Karam Textile Mills Ltd: $185.25m

Nishat (Chunian) Ltd: $169.70m

Novatex Ltd: $167.49m

Lucky Textile Mills Ltd: $165.79m

Garibsons Ltd: $165.65m

Denim Clothing Company: $148.58m

Klash Ltd: $139.16m

Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd: $137.35m

Gohar Textile Mills Ltd: $126.78m

Kamal Ltd: $125.75m

Riaz Textile Mills Ltd: $121.09m

Sapphire Fibres Ltd: $111.87m.

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