Who is Fatima Tahir ?

Who is Fatima Tahir ?

Following the political discussion and public outrage over former Prime Minister Imran Khan arrest case, many citizens, celebrities, and social media stars came forward in solidarity with the authorities.

One of the social media influencers and a doctor Fatima Tahir is also trending on social media after Jinnah House visit. This is not the first time when Fatima Tahir is on social media trend. Earlier, she also became famous due to her bold videos and gold digging ideas.

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After a month of attack on Lahore Corps Commander House, Fatima Tahir with a delegation of students from Superior University visited Jinnah house to condemn the vandalism there.

Well the visit went more of a ridicule for social media users to watch a notorious social media figure to become the spokesperson of the young generation on national television.

Fatima Tahir Profile

Fatime Tahir is an influencer, who is currently pursuing her MBBS degree from Superior University, she was invited to Jinnah House to condemn the people behind attacks on defence installations.

Talking to media she said, “The people and the Pakistan Army are united. Our army is a strong wall standing against the external and internal threats that our beloved country is facing today”.

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Although message of Fatima Tahir was good in support of Pakistani army and nation but it was her public image that became the talk of the town and invited netizens to make trends.

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