Is TV harmful for kids ?

Is TV harmful for kids ?

Many children go through learning phases and start living in the bubble of their own world. Sometimes this bubble is positive and makes them chase their dreams but most of the time it is problematic in various ways, depending on the types of environment they are living in.

As most of the kids watch TV in their daily life they learn everything they watch. So it is very important to keep in mind what the quality of content children are watching. Watching the right kind of TV shows create organized social and environmental awareness in kids and even help them in learning their culture.

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It is very important to ensure a balance of TV time and other activities for children.

How Children learn & grow ?

Children are most likely to learn, and introduced with social, religious and cultural values at very young age, and at this age they are most likely to spend most of their time at homes watching TV.

But unfortunately there is no positive and socially active content on Pakistani TV channels for kids. In the old times there was a lot of content for kids, Ainak wala jin, meray bachpan k din, Sim sim hamara, these TV shows have very strong and inspirational messages in them which children used to learn and adopt in real life.

But now there is almost no content for kids on Pakistani TV channels. No doubt the internet is replacing all other entertainment means but still TV has a significant place in Pakistan but when it comes to content there is no useful or healthy content for kids.

Children are our future. They need to be trained very wisely. An increasing concern is seen all over the world in this regard. But in Pakistan there is no work that can be truly named as children’s healthy grooming program.

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Government should make some laws for TV channels so that they will produce some good content for children also. Moreover, the role of TV in kids grooming can also be enhanced if TV channel owners are serious to use their channel for the well being of society.

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