Sar e Raah breaking Stereotypes from society

Sar e Raah breaking Stereotypes from society

A recently release ARY hit Sar e Raah is getting a lot of praise from viewers for portraying true face of society and its typical stereotypes. The drama depicts social reality and shifting the drama style to another world. It is getting a lot of views due to breaking stereotypes created by male dominant characters.

Sar e Raah is unfolding dark realities of society in very healthy way where women are always looked down upon. Saba Qamar is the main character of drama playing the role of taxi driver in a male dominant society, the script is written by brilliant Adeel Razzaq Bhatti and produced under the production of iDream productions.

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Story and Character details

The story revolves around different women from various parts of society who joins Saba Qamar and share their parts of stories. Other characters in drama include Muneeb Butt as Assistant Commissioner and transgender character depicting a very good role to open eyes of society. Saboor Aly is playing a role of vlogger, Hareem Farooq and Sunita Marshall all come to the center with Saba Qamar.

All of the characters share their part in society and face challenges in their professional and personal lives. Saba Qamar is playing the role of strong lady who is playing the role as taxi driver after her father got sick. Saboor Aly as Rameen is facing serious accusations from society about her character so she chose to pursue her career by opposing societal norms.

Muneeb Butt has taken a very different role as transgender, his roles reflects the issues faced by minorities in getting rights for their basic needs. Hareem Farooq is playing the character of a girl who has gone through child marriage with his cousin, later he refused to go to her in laws and focused on her career.

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The whole drama is showing the typical stereotypes of society and how to tackle it in most powerful ways. Viewers are loving the performances and storytelling of drama. Pakistani entertainment industry need more such dramas to bring change in society.

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