What you need to know about the new WhatsApp feature that may solve unarchiving of texts without warning?


We all have our privacies that we dearly cherish but if that is snacthed away from you, how will you feel? Not Good right. Well, we all are well acquainted with one of the features in WhatsApp that lets you hide messages from others who might peek into your chat list. But it so happens that the person, whose chat has been archived, texts you back, it pops into the home screen as a notification.

Imagine people all around you seeing the notification and you being embarrassed about it. Turns out, WhatsApp is actually aware of this problem and hsi trying to come up with a possible solution for it. A news broke earlier this month that the social platform is trying to ways to not let the message pop up on your home screen and unarchive the archived chat without choice.

Even though it is only in testing mode, those who have designed the feature had named it ‘Vacation mode’ which was eventually changed to ‘read later’ and finally to ‘Archive chats’. Just like the first one, this name also is acquired by the company.

As per the reports, this new feature will display the archived chats the same place as it does not but instead of unarchiving back at the call of the new message, it will not jump back to your home screen. But then again, people will wonder how will one know if the person has texted you or not.

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To this, WhatsApp clarified that archive chats will show the same message count as before in the notifications on WhatsApp. The counter will be written in front of the archived chats on the top of the main page on your application. Through this, you will know that you have a message in the archived box and you can reply if you feel like.

The feature will soon be made available with a notification for the updates on your device. However, the confirmation on this feature is yet to come and the development of this feature is still in process. The company is looking at enhancing the UI before making the archived chats cell available for users. It will, as said, not be a default update. The options you chose while updating the application can be changed in future as the app will allow full user control with interdiction of this future.

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