What happened in Iran-Saudi Talk ?

What happened in Iran-Saudi Talk ?

King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is invited to Tehran and in return President Ebrahim Raisi also accepted invitation from Riyadh with a warm heart. Few years back nobody was able to imagine such peaceful talk between Saudia and Iran.

Media all around the world is discussing about the negotiators, peace makers, and who played what role in bringing arch-rivals togethet for pursuing peace to stabilise the region.

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Role of Imran Khan as Negotiator

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan also claimed that he laid the foundation of peace between both the countries after his back-to-back visits in Tehran and Riyadh. The claim of Mr. Khan seems to be true by many reasons.

During his tenure in October 2019, he visited both the countries and played his role as a mediator among the nations. Moreover, The President of Iran also accepted his role in bringing peace for both the countries.

Talking of him as a top diplomat is not accepted as during his visits Saudi Arabia was not ready to accept the mediation and solve the issue.

The situation at that time was so complicated that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman rejected any kind of dialogue with Iran. He also gave a compelling reasom to Ex-PM Imran Khan quotting the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Imran Khan’s mediation role also could not be materialised because it was dominated by Russian government and United States was also pointing out fingers on Saudi Arabia to murder of Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

However, two years back expert level talks on Security and Intelligence issues were held in Iraq which progressed at a snail’s speed. Those talks turned out to be the main reason in breaking the ice between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

After two years of negotiation, finally diplomatic affairs entered the second face amd foreign ministers of both countries sat on the same table. Both sides agreed to bury the past and look in future for more progress and peace.

Prime Minister of Iraq also paid back-to-back visits to Saudi Arabia and Iran for breaking the ice.

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In the last and third phase, China came on the board and put a wider umbrella for diplomatic talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Chinese officials talked to Saudi and Iranian leaders and started the peace making process.

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