Wasim Akram appalled at Seaview trash

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img 2492

Karachi’s main sea view beach opposite the Defence Phase V residential area is one of the major attractions of the city as people from around the country almost always pay a visit there if they are in the city.

But go to the beach, and you would find heaps of trash at the water’s edge, no public toilets, lack of drinking water facilities and absolutely no presence of lifeguards.

Similarly, when Wasim Akram with his wife Shaniera Akram visited the Karachi beach, they were appalled to see thousands of plastic waste just lying around the beach.

Sharing his opinions on his instagram account, the former Pakistan cricket team captain said ``It was Monday morning, and I thought it was a fresh start, first day of the week, but I’ve made a huge mistake bringing my wife to Seaview.”

“It’s embarrassing. She chants to the entire world that Pakistan is beautiful, its people are beautiful – yes people might be beautiful, but they’re also dirty.”

He said that now is the time to advise, think of ways on how to change this mindset of the people. This entire filth has come from the sea – whatever you throw in it comes back to you with the high tide.

In addition, Shaniera said that Karachi is in pain and it’s telling us every day. We are crying out for help but nobody can hear us. This has got to stop! This has brought shame on our city, our people and on our culture. This is not who we are.

“All I see is rubbish and people breaking the law. Shops with piles of rubbish, sewage tankers unloading in the ocean, Housing blocks looking like they are falling apart because no one wants to paint or fix them. There is no pride anymore, Karachi. It’s like we have given up caring,” she added.

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