Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed Embarking on a New Journey as Parents-to-Be

urwa hocane and farhan saeed embarking on a new journey as parents to be

urwa hocane and farhan saeed embarking on a new journey as parents to be

In the dazzling world of Pakistani showbiz, there’s a special couple that has won over everyone’s hearts with their love story. It’s none other than Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed and the good news is They’re going to be parents soon

This amazing news is from Beautiful love story. which we’ve all followed closely since Farhan Saeed’s romantic wedding proposal at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and their star-studded wedding at the Badshahi Mosque in 2016.

Today, Urwa and Farhan are not just a happily married couple, they’re also getting ready for a brand new adventure in their lives as they eagerly await the arrival of their first child.

Urwa the Pakistani actress shared this lovly news on her Instagram. She posted a picture for LUX Style Award LSA2023 of herself and Farhan standing close together with a caption that says, “It’s the 3 of us tonight! MashaAllah.”

Fans from all around the world are showering them with congratulations and best wishes for this exciting journey into parenthood.

Their announcement on social media has created a wave of happiness that even outshone the glitzy Lux Style Awards. Which was happening on the same time. This just shows how much people love Urwa and Farhan and how much Happiness

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In 2020, there were some rumors about troubles in their marriage that makes their fans worried . But with the support of their families, Urwa and Farhan worked through those tough times and emerged even stronger. Their powerfull love story has made them a beloved power couple in Pakistan’s entertainment world.

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Amidst all the rumors, Urwa and Farhan chose Eid as the perfect occasion to show the world that they were still very much in love. They shared heartwarming Eid pictures on their Instagram accounts which shows happiness and togetherness.

Now, as fans eagerly wait for their first child, Urwa and Farhan continue to inspire with their love story.

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