Mahira Khan’s BFF, Feeha-Noor Jamshed, Shares Heartfelt Message on social media

mahira khan's bff, feeha noor jamshed, shares heartfelt message on social media

mahira khan’s bff, feeha noor jamshed, shares heartfelt message on social media

Feeha took to her Instagram Stories to share a beautiful tribute to her dear friends, Mahira, and Salim, who recently tied the knot. Her heartfelt message, accompanied by a couple’s wedding video, perfectly conveyed the depth of her friendship with Mahira.

Feeha’s words were filled with warmth and love in her Instagram story as she wrote, “To this amazing couple who are truly the best partners I’ve seen in a long time… To the man I endorsed 8 years ago and the woman I consider my sister… Because I wanted nothing but the best for my best friend.”

But Feeha’s message went beyond just well wishes. She continued to express her happiness for Mahira and Salim in a truly heartfelt way. She said, “Somewhere in those years, I had hoped for this union… witnessing the magic of their love, especially their union, is indescribable… I will let you feel it… to this incredible woman I call my sister and this wonderful man I now proudly call my brother… May you look back 30-40 years from now, old and wrinkled but still deeply in love. May all the moments you create in the years to come fill your hearts with joy… Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.”

Feeha Honoring Friendship After Mahira’s Wedding:

This touching message celebrated the wedding and highlighted the enduring friendship between Feeha and Mahira. Her words clearly showed how much this union meant to her.

Feeha also took a moment to honor Mahira’s role as a mother. She shared a heartwarming picture of Mahira with her son, Azlan, emphasizing the significance of motherhood. In her caption, Feeha described Azlan as an extension of Mahira and praised him as “the finest of men” she is ever encountered. She also admired how graciously Azlan welcomed Salim into their lives. Feeha concluded her message with a heartfelt wish: “To my Zanu (Azlan), Mahirah, and Salim… May Allah guide you on a journey to endless happiness… Ameen Summa Ameen.”

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Feeha’s touching message truly showcased her deep affection for Mahira and Azlan. It was a beautiful expression of love and support for the newlyweds as they embarked on this new chapter of their lives.

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As the entertainment world joins in celebrating Mahira and Salim’s union, Feeha’s heartfelt message echoes the sentiments of fans and well-wishers worldwide. Together, they extend their sincere congratulations and warmest wishes to the happy couple, embracing the love and joy this new journey brings.

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