UAE Wants Enhanced Investment And Business Relations With Pakistan

UAE Wants Enhanced

UAE-Pakistan Economic Ties

In order to complement each other’s economies and create results that are advantageous to both countries, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) wishes to improve economic and investment relations with Pakistan. 

UAE also hopes to attract more Pakistani investors to their economic zones and would urge its own investors to look into business and investment prospects in Pakistan. 

UAE and Pakistan have a lot of room to grow their partnership in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, the food industry, travel, hospitality, healthcare, and others. 

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In a meeting with Muhammad Shakeel Munir, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry during their visit to the ICCI, Rashid Abdelrehman Al-Ali, Deputy Head of Mission of the UAE Embassy, and Ahmed Mohammad Aljneibi, Economic Advisor, made these remarks. 

Speaking at the event, Muhammad Shakeel Munir noted that Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates share a common history, religion, and culture. He urged both nations to forge strong commercial and economic ties in order to achieve more fruitful outcomes. 

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He said that bilateral commerce between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates in 2021–22 exceeded $10 billion and advised the UAE to concentrate on buying more goods from Pakistan, which is very competitive in terms of both price and quality. 

Common Grounds of UAE-Pakistan Operations

In the banking, telecommunications, insurance, real estate, food, and technology sectors, he claimed that a number of UAE companies are already operating successfully in Pakistan. He also claimed that many other sectors of our economy provide appealing opportunities for joint ventures and investment to foreign investors. 

He also expressed gratitude to the residents and government of the UAE for their kind assistance given to Pakistani flood victims. 

Speaking at the event were Jamshaid Akhtar Sheikh, Senior Vice President, and Muhammad Faheem Khan, Vice President of ICCI and Industry. They both offered helpful suggestions for enhancing bilateral trade and economic ties between Pakistan and the UAE.

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