UAE, A great job market for Pakistani girls

UAE, A great job market for Pakistani girls

A remarkable change has been witnessed in job market of the the United Arab Emirates as not only men but Pakistani women also joined different job fields of country. Pakistani girls are not only living in the UAE but earning millions from their market.

The United Arab Emirates also introduced new categories of visas with different requirements, the new categories include relaxed rules in which travellers can hold a sponsor visa for their family members regardless of any limits.

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Girls in UAE Job market

The growing participation of Pakistani girls in UAE job market is also because of easy visa rules of country. Girls can work in UAE and also help their family members stay in UAE for events and also for a long time until the end of their permit duration.

The United Arab Emirates also overhauled its labohr laws, and the most significant changes include that employees no longer have to exit the country after losing their job. As well as, UAE also offered easy rules of maternity leaves encouraging more girls to get hired in the country.

Highest paying jobs in UAE

UAE has experienced a rapid change in recent years in terms of development, making it an attractive destination for people from all over the world.

UAE is a popular choice for people from neighbouring countries especially Pakistan as UAE is offering tax free salaries, and high standards of living with a lot of job opportunities.

Here are some trending jobs in UAE these days:

Personal and Professional Coaches
Digital Content Freelancers
Marketing and Social Media Specialists
Medical and Healthcare Staff
E-Commerce Specialists
Online Journalists
Finance Specialists
HR and Recruitment Specialists
Artificial Intelligence Specialists

Importance of IELTS in moving Abroad

English qualification is the most essential requirement for employment in many countries, including the UAE. A lot of multinational companies in UAE and abroad, English is a meatort language and all the employees are expected to master in English first.

Many local companies and organizations in all countries around the world prefer english language proficiency when they hire staff.

The IELTS has worldwide recognition when it comes to the English language proficiency, in previous some years millions of people performed the IELTS test to make their place in different international countries.

The organizations around the world accepting IELTS include immigration bodies, employers, professional bodies of all types and universities, colleges including short courses. Countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, America and all Middle East countries prefer IELTS.

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Anyone planning to move abroad for education, job or any purpose should go for IELTS in order to get better and quick response from concerned countries’ authorities.

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