Is Threads a threat to Phone Battery ?

Is Threads a threat to Phone Battery ?

The newly-launched social media platform by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is heavily draining the battery of smartphones, claiming the twitter users, an app by technology rival Elon Musk.

Mark Zuckerberg launched the Threads app last week as a Twitter rival. The app has the same features as Twitter, creating a new war between two technology rivals, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

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In just five days, the app crossed over 100 million users with a lot of celebrities moving to the platform. A lot of users expressed their feelings of enjoyment after using the app.

Threads, draining the battery

Some of the users of twitter claimed that Threads is draining the battery of smartphones with light fast speed. One of the users showed a list of applications consuming battery, and Threads was on top of the list.

Threads use 53% of battery for the same time in which Twitter uses only 12% of battery. Meta is still yet to confirm the issue but a lot of users on Twitter are complaining about Threads draining their phone’s battery.

Threads have been installed by 100 million users in just five days crossing ChatGPT to become the fastest online platform to hit the milsetone. Twitter CEO Elon Musk also announced to sue Meta legally for copying their application.

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Meta responded to all the accusations saying that the engineering team of Threads does not have any former Twitter employees and the idea is totally fresh. If we look into deep features of the app, it is different from Twitter.

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