Electricity cuts continued unannounced

Electricity cuts continued unannounced

Pakistan is currently facing a prolonged load shedding up to 20 hours making the lives of people more miserable. The Power Division said that load shedding is carried out only in areas with high loss of electric theft.

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But as per the complaints of residents, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta are experiencing unannounced power cuts. People of Karachi complained that they are suffering more than three-hour load shedding a day.

Problems faced by citizens

A lot of people are complaining about children getting sick due to high sweltering temprratures. Most of the people are having huge losses in their business and work routines due to electricity unavailibility.

The shopkeepers are complaining that electricity goes off after every hour for two hours making it 16 hours per day. Managing business and running shops with this schedule is so much difficult for people.

The country is currently facing the electricity shortage of almost 5000 MW as total power supply right now is 22,500 MW while the demand for whole nation is 27,500 MW. There are also technical faults in some areas causing the shut down of electricity.

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A lot of load shedding is occurring in the areas where there are high losses and electricity thefts are rampant.

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