Balochistan on High Alert as Congo Virus Claims Lives: Urgent Measures Taken

congo virus claims lives

congo virus claims lives

In Balochistan, a serious health concern has arisen as the Congo virus fever has taken the lives of 16 people, leading the government to declare a red alert. This disease has prompted immediate action from the provincial government, with the caretaker Chief Minister, Mir Ali Mardan Domki, instructing the health and livestock departments to take swift measures to combat the virus.

The chief minister has emphasized the importance of spreading information about the virus to the general public and has called for the application of anti-viral sprays in dairy farms. This new strain of Congo virus fever is particularly dangerous for those who contract it, making early diagnosis and treatment crucial.

“In case of symptoms of the Congo virus, the patient should be provided with emergency medical guidance,” stated Balochistan’s Chief Minister. Tragically, a doctor who was diagnosed with the Congo virus passed away in Quetta while being transported to Karachi for medical treatment.

So far this year, Fatima Jinnah Hospital in Quetta has received 41 patients infected with the Congo virus, and sadly, 16 of them have lost their lives. The virus is primarily transmitted to humans through ticks on cattle and other livestock. Symptoms include severe fever, muscle pain, vomiting, and internal bleeding, and it has a high fatality rate. Currently, there is no vaccine or specific treatment available for this deadly virus.

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The government and healthcare authorities are working diligently to control the spread of the disease and provide the necessary medical care to those affected.

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The public is urged to stay informed and take preventive measures to protect themselves and their livestock from the Congo virus.

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