Government Sets Prices for Vegetables, Fruits and Chicken

government sets prices for vegetables, fruits and chicken

government sets prices for vegetables, fruits and chicken

The government has recently announced fixed prices for vegetables, fruits and chicken in an effort to control rising food costs. Despite these price fixes, many people are still facing high prices when they go shopping for groceries.

According to the official price list released by the district administration, white potatoes are priced at Rs 90 per kilogram, while red potatoes cost Rs 130 per kilogram. Onions have been fixed at Rs 120 per kilogram. Unfortunately, these prices are not always being honored in the market.

For example, the price of Afghan tomatoes has increased from Rs 180 to Rs 200 per kilogram, even though the fixed rate is Rs 180. Similarly, the rate for Chinese lemons is Rs 100 per kilogram, but they are often sold for Rs 150 to 160 per kilogram.

Other vegetables like capsicum, green chili, kachalu, cabbage, and okra have also seen price discrepancies between the fixed rates and market prices.

While the price of Thai ginger has decreased to Rs 820 per kilogram, it is still commonly sold at higher rates, around Rs 1200 to 1300 per kilogram. The same applies to Pakistani and Chinese garlic, which are also being sold at higher prices than the government-set rates.

Fruits like guava, grapes, apples, and bananas also have fixed prices, but shoppers might find themselves paying more at the market.

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Even chicken prices have not seen much relief. While the government reduced the price of live chicken by 5 rupees, it is still being sold at the same old price of Rs 420 per kilogram, despite the fixed rate of Rs 350 to 355.

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The situation has left many consumers frustrated, as vendors often do not adhere to the government-set prices, resulting in ongoing inflation for various food items. This means that even with official price fixes, people continue to struggle with the high cost of food.

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