ANF Seizes Large Haul of Drugs in Gwadar

anf seizes large haul of drugs in gwadar

anf seizes large haul of drugs in gwadar

The Anti-Narcotics Force recently made a significant drug bust in Gwadar, which is an important coastal town in Pakistan. The ANF conducted a raid to uncover hidden drug stashes in various locations . A key member of a drug smuggling gang had strategically buried these narcotics to avoid detection.

 The ANF seized  1,788 kilograms of drugs during this operation. The confiscated drugs included 1,740 kilograms of hashish, Twenty Eight kilograms of a substance known as “ice,” and 20 kilograms of morphine. These drugs were originally produced in Afghanistan.

The hiding spots for the drugs were quite cleverly chosen. Some of the illicit substances were discovered under a makeshift hut constructed from twigs and leaves of trees. while others were found in tunnels that had been dug into the nearby hills.

Once the ANF had secured the narcotics, they took a firm stance against drug trafficking. The locations used to store the drugs were set on fire to ensure that these illegal substances would never make their way into the hands of drug dealers and users.

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The ANF is not taking this matter lightly. They have registered cases against the individuals involved in this drug smuggling under the Anti-Narcotics Act.

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 the ANF’s successful drug seizure in Gwadar is a significant step towards curbing the illegal drug trade in the region and upholding the law.

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