Court Takes Action to Close Factories Causing Lahore Smog and Air Pollution

court takes action to close factories causing lahore smog and air pollution

court takes action to close factories causing lahore smog and air pollution

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has taken a very important step in the battle against the Dangerous smog and air pollution that have been polluting Lahore, Pakistan. In response to a petition submitted by Haroon Farooq regarding anti-smog measures, Justice Shahid Karim directed the authorities to seal factories responsible for contributing to air pollution. This decision comes as a response to the escalating air quality crisis in Lahore, primarily caused by factors like smoke-emitting vehicles, factories, and crop burning.

The court has ordered that these factories remain sealed until the owners can provide affidavits, assuring future adherence to environmental regulations. This stringent approach is aimed at holding industries accountable for their role in worsening air quality.

The bad air in Lahore has been getting worse, mostly because of vehicles that release dirty smoke, factories that make the air dirty, and burning crops. The court decided to call it a “smog emergency” to show how serious the problem is. They ordered these factories to promise that they will follow the rules to protect the environment. If they don’t, the court might even destroy these factories.

The factories causing the problem will stay closed until their owners promise to follow the rules and not make the air dirty again. This is a strict way of making sure the factories don’t cause more pollution.

The government is also taking steps to stop vehicles that make the air dirty. They are even taking away those vehicles if needed. To help the environment, they are thinking about making paths for people to ride bicycles and giving discounts in hotels for people who use bicycles.

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To stop trees from being cut down, they will put ads in newspapers to tell people it’s wrong to do that. The court will meet again on November 7, and they are in a hurry to fix the problem, especially in November and December. They also want to take pictures of vehicles that make the air dirty to make sure people follow the rules.

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The court’s actions show that they are working hard to fight against the smog and air pollution.

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