Apple’s Bid to Block Lawsuit Over Defective iPhone Batteries Fails

apple's bid to block lawsuit over defective iphone batteries fails

apple’s bid to block lawsuit over defective iphone batteries fails

Apple had a tough time in a court battle in London. They tried to stop a big lawsuit that said they were hiding problems with iPhone batteries and slowing down the phones with software updates. The lawsuit was brought by Justin Gutmann, who speaks up for consumers in the UK and is on behalf of iPhone users there. The Competition Appeal Tribunal said the lawsuit can keep going, which is a big thing in this problem.

Gutmann’s team said Apple didn’t tell people about battery problems in some iPhones. They also said Apple secretly put in a tool that made the phones work slower. They called this “throttling,” and they said it affected many iPhones. Apple said this lawsuit doesn’t make sense and that their batteries were mostly fine, except for a few iPhone 6s models, for which they gave free battery replacements.

 The CAT said that Gutmann’s case can continue.  but they also said  that the case needs to be accurate about some things before a trial can happen.

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This legal fight brings up a manu issues in the tech world. especially trust issues. People trust companies to be open about problems with their products and this case raises many questions. about whether Apple did that with their batteries. In this matter we  have to wait and see what happens in this lawsuit.

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