Apple to roll out its all new iOS for iPhone, iPad, and smartwatches

apple to roll out its all new ios for iphone, ipad, and smartwatches

apple to roll out its all new ios for iphone, ipad, and smartwatches

Apple is set to roll out major software updates for its iPhone, iPad, and smartwatch on September 25, bringing exciting new features and a fresh look for compatible devices. These updates were initially unveiled at Apple’s developer conference in June, and they promise significant enhancements across the board.

The new operating system (OS) for Apple devices called the iOS 17 features a greatly improved keyboard, now equipped with autocorrect that understands personalized context, including using words without the hassle of constant corrections. This keyboard can even predict and complete full sentences as you type, similar to some popular email platforms.

Additionally, iOS 17 introduces contact posters for a more personalized calling experience. These posters include your photo, text, and customizable colors, making your calls more visually engaging. A feature called NameDrop simplifies sharing your contact information with nearby iPhones or Apple Watches.

The phone app will now offers automatic voicemail transcription in real-time. FaceTime gets an upgrade too, allowing video voicemails and enabling video calls on Apple TV. Another exciting addition is the StandBy mode, which transforms your iPhone into a smart display while charging and allowing Siri interactions. While Apple Maps will offer offline access to saved areas, and Safari gains profile support for different browsing experiences.

iPad users will be able to enjoy many of the iOS 17 features, with the added bonus of lock screen customization, bringing widgets and animated wallpaper options. The Health app, previously exclusive to iPhones, now extends its functionality to iPads. Multitasking improvements on the iPad have been made more flexible, allowing app window resizing and placement anywhere on the desktop.

The WatchOS 10 also brings several iOS 17 features to Apple Watches, such as NameDrop and contact posters. The built-in apps will receive a fresh design with more color and animations. Widgets will take center stage, accessible directly from the watch face, offering dynamic updates based on context. To access the control center and recently used apps, users will now use the side button and Digital Crown differently.

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For fitness enthusiasts, the Workouts app will now connect to Bluetooth cycling accessories, providing real-time metrics and enhancing the cycling experience.

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Apple’s upcoming updates promise a more dynamic and enjoyable user experience across its devices, all available for free to eligible users. These improvements showcase Apple’s commitment to user satisfaction and innovation.

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